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Ragnarok Online Site Engine

Current release ROse 1.0.7 (23.02.2012)

About ROse

Ragnarok Online Site Engine (ROse) - Free Control Panel (CMS) for eAthena Ragnarok Online server Emulator. Written in PHP language. Use smarty php class for templates. Contains many functions for manage eAthena dabases. Originally made only for themselves. Has an interest on the part of users eAthena compelled to create the project.


  • multilingual;
  • register an account (with the possibility of activation by email, and referral system);
  • users can change registration data;
  • players sending messages and screenshots;
  • news;
  • moderated images gallery;
  • knowledge database with the ability to search for monsters and items, including the production of BS, etc. - All data are taken directly from your server and is always relevant;
  • Server statistics and classification of characters (including the MvP rating);
  • Statistics guilds, and the owners of castles;
  • world map showing respavn monsters, NPC and the location of the points of transition between locations (ie your server! generated from eA scripts);
  • different access rights to the administrative interface of the site;
  • viewing server logs;
  • the addition of new pages on the site of the administrative interface;
  • Search users by login name and the names of characters;
  • search for the availability of certain items from the characters;
  • viewing inventory, carts, Kafra individual characters and guilds;
  • name change guilds and names of characters;
  • Converters - parser scripts and database server from text files;
  • backup database;
  • statistics site;
  • use template (skin) on the basis of class Smarty, thus not changing the code completely changes the design of the site;
  • modular structure that allows, without much difficulty to add new features;
  • Friendly site URLs.


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