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Install ROse

1. Unpack arhive to site root directory or sub direсtory...

If You use subdirectory - need change setup parameters in file (look 3.a section of this guide).

2. Set files permissions

set permission 777 to directories::


set permissions 666 to file: ./data/map_divs.html. this file location can be changed. need set special parameter in ./include/ (see "3.d) files path setup") .

3. Edit ROse configuration file

rename file ./include/ to ./include/ and edit next parameters:

  • 3.a) $config['http_site_path']=''; if site root directory patch not web site root directory - need change this parameter.
    example: if web site root c:/web, and you unpach ROse in subdirectory c:/web/panel - need change parameters $config['http_site_path']='' to local directory path: $config['http_site_path']='/panel';
  • 3.b) $config['socket_verification_enable']=true; // true or false true - enabled server online/offline socket check, and set templates variable for display message SERVER OFFLINE. Need setup next parameters:
    // IP or DNS address eA server 
     // login server port 
    // char server port 
    // map server port 
    // timeout for check servers online status (in second) 
    if $config['socket_verification_enable']=false; previos parameters can be not set.
  • 3.c) set database connection
       $config['db_server']="";	// IP or DNS address MySQL database server
       $config['db_user']="ragnarok";	// database user login 
       $config['db_password']="ragnarok";	// database user password 
       $config['ro_db']="ragnarok";		// eA database name 
       $config['log_db']="log";		// eA logs database name 
       $config['ros_db']="rose";		// ROse database name 
  • 3.d) files path setup:
    need set eA server path (for script parser and database converters)
    path to client item description file. Need for read item descriptions and add description to site item database. if idnum2itemdesctable.txt located in server ./data/ directory, not need set this parameter.
    path to world_map Div-s file, need for shown mob respawn, npcs, warps.

4. ROse Database

Need add to ragnarok database additional tables (f tables are not in the database) from ./sql-files/rose_add.sql file example:

   mysql -D ragnarok -h localhost -u root -p < sql-files/rose_add.sql

5. Finish setup

In this step u can open ROse url and continue setup with ROse GamaMaster interface.

login to site use ragnarok account login and password with gm level 99 or abive and go to menu "database convertors" in turn (up to down), run all converters. This step for fill all database use eA server information (npcs, mobs, items and etc.) .

IMPORTANT NOTICE: if in eA u set to true in inter_athena.conf parameter "use_sql_db", not run convertors menu items "convert mob db", "convert item db" and "delete mobs with 0 drop" this parameters changed u server mob_db and item_db tables!